There's a lot of stuff that makes Gwatzilla Wash-N-Lube different. One of those certainly is our oil changing process.

As you pull into one of our three bays, you will be greeted by one of our friendly service techs. We like to refer to them as "Dry Techs" and "Wet Techs" - basically one works below the car with the oil etc, and one works above (alignment, etc.).

Gwatzilla Quick Check - included with Oil Change

Each oil change service covers 5 quarts of oil and a standard filter.  Our Diesel Services covers 10 quarts and a standard oil filter.

During your service, we perform a complimentary quick check that includes battery testing, alignment testing upon request, a tire tread depth reading, tire pressure check and fill, lighting check, wiper blade inspection, top off on fluids where applicable, and an air filter and/or cabin filter check.

You also have an option to purchase a car wash at 50% off!

Please let us know during oil change if you would like to purchase a car wash so we can apply your 50% discount!

Tire Rotation - $14.99

Most tire manufactuers recommend rotating the tires every 6,000 miles for optimum performance and wear life.

"My kids LOVE going through Gwatzilla Wash-N-Lube - colored foam and lights - what's not to love!  It's an experience not just a wash!"

Terri S

Have a look at our QUICK CHECK process!