A lot of things set Gwatzilla Wash-N-Lube apart from the competition.

One of those is our approach to the oil change process.

As you pull into one of our three bays, you will be greeted by one of our friendly service techs.

We like to refer to them as "Dry Techs" and "Wet Techs" - basically one works below the car with the oil etc, and one works above (alignment, etc.).

Here's a first - Stay in Your Car!

That's right -  you can actually remain in your car while we complete your service.  You might be thinking "but I have to turn the engine off to change the oil. It's going to get hot!".  Well - we have a work around for that. One of our Dry Techs will hook you up with our ice cold A/C! We have a hose pumping out 60 degree cold air through your window and believe us - it cools the car down in a real hurry - no engine required!

Tire Maintenance!

You might be amazed at how much we include even with the most basic of oil changes.

First of all - everyone is getting their tire pressure checked and set to factory specifications. Tire pressure is the most important aspect of maintenance for maximum wear life of your tires. Gwatzilla's  equipment quick accesses the factory correct tire pressures for your exact make and model.

Alignment Check

Quick alignment checks are available by request. This has been practically unheard of in the industry due to the cost of the alignment machine and the time involved. This check is included FREE with all of our oil changes, upon request. Proper alignment is not only a tire wear issue but a safety issue.

In the event you need an alignment - we can help you schedule one at our dealership next door. 

"I LOVE pulling in and just staying in my car - it's a quick painless process and I love the half-price car wash offered with the oil change!  Win Win!."

Holly L

But Wait! There's More!

Next up we are going thru fluids such as window washer fluid etc. We will also be checking your battery and cabin filter (an often over-looked part).

Oil Change! Our professionals change your oil using only the best - Castrol! We have several levels of changes on our menu with varying specifications of oil. See the menu itself here.